BETA Academy Grapplethon

Hi readers!

My new gym, BETA Academy, is hosting a Grapplethon on Saturday, October 19th to help raise money for the Network for Victim Recovery of DC!

Specific information can be found here, at the FirstGiving website (also where you can make a donation!):

There are raffles and prizes throughout the day, including a Meerkatsu designed t-shirt with a $40 donation, and Origin Gis. Workshops will be held throughout the day, and a DJ will also be in attendance for part of the event. For the ladies, the The Mid Atlantic Grappling Girls (MAGG) will be taking grappling from 1:30 to 3:30pm if any of you ladies are looking to make new female friends.


BETA Academy Grapplethon

Hope to see some of you there!


3 thoughts on “BETA Academy Grapplethon

  1. Cool, I didn’t realise you were at BETA now! I’ll add this post to the press page for Let me know if you want to do some kind of report on how your experience went (e.g., like this one Hiren did for a GrappleThon back in May). I’m hoping to get an event report from Laurie too, as I’m very interested to hear more on how she went about fundraising etc. 🙂

    • Yup! I’m officially there now! 😀 I’m really happy with Beta – everyone has been very welcoming!

      To be honest… I never made it to the grapplethon. I don’t even have a valid excuse – I just never got myself together to go. I feel like I really missed out, but I think plans are in the works for a repeat next year, so I’m promising now that I’ll go!

      I did see some pics on FB, and it looks like it was awesome! Someone actually rolled 86 rounds!!!

      • Awesome! Great to hear it sounds like you’ve found a long-term BJJ home. 🙂

        Yeah, I think they’re doing another one in 2014. Also, there are a bunch of Grapplethons popping up in various places, so you could take a look at this list to see if you’re able to make any (I regularly update it whenever I hear of another one).

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